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Tuesday Talks 

October 2021

Materials experts step forward to host educational events, while specialists share their knowledge and experience through seminars--offering tips and tricks , industry trends, marketing wisdom and ways to improve your business!


EF Fundraiser

Next Event:  2022

Event runs until March 31st

Winner selected on April 5th. Click here for the flyer.



Masquerade Ball

Next Event:  March 2022


The IFDA Masquerade Ball is the newest addition to the organization's repertoire of exciting events.  The night is about celebrating another year, giving back to the community and having fun for the night!

Kennedy Inst. Christmas Party 

Next Event:  December 2021

It is an annual, all-day event with two parties: one for children during the day, and a second for adults in the evening. Refreshments are served, and Christmas stockings and gifts are distributed by Santa at each of the parties. 

Happy Hours 
September 2021
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Come join us for a few hours, with a few drinks, snacks, networking and fun!! 

Knowledge College
Next Event:  December 27, 2021

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Applied Textiles is here to educate you on
the requirements. A work from home safety act discussion. 


Next Event:  September 23, 2021
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Twice a year we hold a specific event for our student membership and non-member students.  We always welcome members to attend this event.  The event will have networking opportunities as well as a learning opportunity with a presentation from a local trade business.



Next Event:  TBD

IFDAdc arranges Resources to network and grow the design industry.  Our goal is to place everything you need to urn a successful business, or home, right at your fingertips - for a few hours at least!

POP-Up Events 

Next Event:  POP UP

These events are more spontaneous and will be announced as they POP UP.

General Membership Meeting 

Next Event:  TBD

Our 2020 calendar of events is being released, we’d love your input.  Attend the General Membership meeting so we can discuss your wish list for the IFDA calendars now and in the future.  Whether it’s an event idea, time of day events are preferred, association conflict days (ie: third Thursday of month) and more.  We are also looking for volunteers, this is the perfect time to sign up to volunteer for an event committee.  

Membership Award Nights 

Next Event:  TBD

A night of the stars, celebrate our members and congratulate our IFDA Award Winners . 



Pop in for a Pop-Up. Expand your design world through the Knowledge College. Create new friendships and grow and give back to your community. Don a Glam Mask and kick up your heels.  These are just some of the events the DC chapter offers. Innovative and creative ideas are always welcome too.


From its inception, imaginative and constructive programs fulfilled its goals. The first major challenge of the new organization was the creation of Home Fashions Time with its slogan, "Enjoy Living at Home". Initiated in 1948 and debuted in 1949, it was a nation-wide promotion adopted by 8000 retailers and endorsed by nineteen industry associations and most major buying offices. Other innovative programs, Career Day, Trailblazer Awards, Design Fellowships, student scholarships and community service projects were early highlights that sought to reinforce the stature of members and the directions of the industry. Some continue to this day in both traditional and new formats.